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The Limavady and Roe Valley database has over 7000 unique record entries, of christenings, marriages and burials, pre-civil registration (the majority are pre-1831). The table below outlines in detail the registers that were transcribed for the database. As you can see from the dates in the right-hand column there was no systematic recording of vital records in the period before civil registration:



Coleraine Church of Ireland
Marriages: 1769-1778, 1785-1788, 1792-1793, 1795-1803
Cumber Lower Church of Ireland Marriages: 1806-1844
Drumachose [Limavady] Church of Ireland Baptisms: 1729-1737, 1740-1749, 1751-1752 & 1804-1832
Marriages: 1728-1733, 1735-1736, 1740, 1742-1744, 1747-1751, 1753, 1805-1806, 1810-1811, 1822-1823, 1825, 1829, 1831-1832, 1835
Burials: 1730-1736, 1809, 1821-1828, 1832
Dungiven Church of Ireland Marriages: 1795-1796, 1803-1807, 1809-1826, 1828-1831, 1833, 1835-1844
Learmount Church of Ireland Marriages: 1833-1845
Tamlaghtard [Magilligan] Church of Ireland Baptisms: 1748-1764
Marriages: 1747-1753
Burials: 1747, 1749-1754, 1759-1772, 1774-1776
Tamlaght Finlagan [Ballykelly] Church of Ireland Baptisms: 1796-1826
Marriages: 1796, 1798-1799, 1802, 1804, 1806-1813, 1815, 1819-1824, 1826-1828, 1830-1835
Burials: 1798-1799, 1826-1830-32



Ballykelly Presbyterian Church Baptisms: 1699-1707, 1709
Marriages: 1699-1729, 1731, 1733-1735, 1737-1740
1st Limavady Presbyterian Church[Seceders]
Baptisms: 1832-1840
Marriages: 1832-1841
Cumber Lower Presbyterian Church Baptisms: 1834-1840
Marriages: 1834-1844
Bovevagh Presbyterian Church Marriages: 1818-1830, 1834-1838



    The majority of registers that were transcribed pertain to the Church of Ireland and these returns make up four fifths ofLower Cumber Church of Ireland all the returns in the database. Baptisms were recorded more frequently than marriages or burials. For example Tamlaght Finlagan [Ballykelly] Church of Ireland register has 1,548 christenings recorded for the period 1796-1826 but only 50 marriages and 13 burials were recorded in the same period. A number of factors contributed to the pattern of marriage under-registration in parish registers in the period before civil registration and these I have discussed in a paper published in ‘The Bann Disc’ [Volume 15, 2009] Journal of Coleraine Historical Society now available online at:

The registers also reveal that the Roe Valley area was at various times home to a variety of militia and regimental forces including the Longford Militia, King’s County Militia, Royal Artillery, 2nd Royal Battalion, 4th Dragoons, 5th Dragoon Guards, 5th Royals, 7th Dragoons, 7th Husars, 72nd regiment and 79th regiment. Addresses given in the registers include - America, Belfast, Carlow, Dublin, Offaly, and Scotland.



    The Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast, has in its archive the original register for Ballykelly Presbyterian Church containing baptisms, 1699-1709 and marriage proclamations, 1699-1740 (this is the earliest Presbyterian register extant for county Londonderry). The first baptismal entry occurs on Sunday 8 October 1699 when five children were baptised by the Minister, the Reverend John Stirling (surnames of Cross, Reid, Moore, Rodgers, Culbertson). The Reverend Stirling, the minister at Ballykelly from 1699- 1752 entered over 600 baptisms in the register for the years 1699-1709 and over 500 marriages for the period 1699-1740 (included in the database). Ballykelly Presbyterian Church served the needs of the congregation over a wide area of the Roe Valley stretching from the parish of Faughanvale in the west to Magilligan in the east. The register reveals close ties between the people of the Roe Valley and those across Lough Foyle into county Donegal and also reveal a remarkably strong connection between Ballykelly Presbyterian church and congregations that existed in the wider Coleraine area. In fact, marriages are recorded over a very wide area including counties Antrim, Donegal and Tyrone:

Addresses of Spouses residing outside Ballykelly in the Marriage Register [with number of entries]:
Aghadowey [4], Aghanloo [11], Ahoghill (Antrim) [1], Badoney (Tyrone) [1], Ballymoney (Antrim) [2], Ballyrashane [4], Ballywillin [3], Ballyachran [2], Balteagh [22], Banagher [6], Billy (Antrim) [1], Boveedy [2], Bovevagh [28], Burt (Donegal) [4], Cumber [11], Dervock (Antrim) [1], Derryvullen [1], Desteroghill [4], Donagheady (Tyrone) [4], Donaghmore (Tyrone) [2], Drumachose [23], Dunboe [17], Dungiven, [10] Dunluce (Antrim) [1], Errigal [8], Fanad (Donegal) [1], Faughanvale [130], Finvoy (Antrim) [2], Glendermott, [22] Kilcronaghan [1], Killea (Donegal) [1], Killowen [3], Kilrea [1], Londonderry [1], Loughgiel (Antrim) [1], Macosquin [10], Maghera [4], Magilligan [47], Moville (Donegal) [2], Muff [1], Rasharkin (Antrim) [2], Raymoghy (Donegal) [2], Templemore [12].



    Surnames in the Database:
When entering surnames into the church registers’ database I used two columns or fields. One column contains the spelling of each surname as it appears in the register. A second column contains standardised spellings of surnames, which should make it easier to find names in the database and keep variant spellings of individual surnames together in a sort. Standardised spellings are not intended to replace the spellings that appear in the original registers but make it a convenient tool for searching purposes (thus, Kane covers all variants such as O’Kane, O’Cahan, McKane and so on): Standardised surnames in the database:
Abbot, Acheson, Adair, Adams, Agar, Agnew, Aiken, Alcorn, Alderton, Aldridge, Alexander, Allaire, Allen, Allison, Allman, Allshouse, Alton, Anderson, Andrews, Arbuckle, Archdale, Archibald, Armstrong, Arthur, Ash, Aske, Askin, Astrey, Atkins, Atkinson, Auld, Averill, Bacon, Bailey, Baird, Baldrick, Ballyclose, Bann, Bannerman, Barbour, Barlow, Barnard, Barnett, Barr, Barton, Bates, Baxter, Beare, Beath, Beck, Beers, Begley, Begley, Bell, Benbow, Bennett, Beresford, Berryman, Beverland, Biggart, Bigham, Billard, Binney, Birch, Bite, Black, Blackburn, Blair, Boady, Boggar, Boggs, Bolton, Bond, Boyce, Boyd, Boyle, Bradley, Brady, Bredin, Bremner, Breslin, Brewster, Brien, Brimer, Brisbane, Brolly, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Bryson, Buchanan, Bullion, Bunting, Burke, Burnett, Burns, Burnside, Burton, Butcher, Cahill, Cairncross, Cairns, Caldwell, Callaghan, Callender, Calvert, Campbell, Canning, Cargill, Carlin, Carmichael, Carolan, Carr, Carse, Carson, Carswell, Carter, Carton, Caskey, Cassidy, Casson, Cathcart, Caulfield, Chadwick, Chambers, Chapman, Charlton, Cheevers, Cherry, Christie, Christie, Church, Clare, Clarke, Clifford, Clinton, Clyde, Cochrane, Coleman, Colhoun, Collins, Conn, Connell, Connolly, Connor, Conway, Cooke, Cooper, Corker, Cowan, Coy, Coyle, Craig, Crampsey, Cranston, Crawford, Cray, Creagh, Creelan, Creevey, Creighton, Creswell, Crilly, Crilly, Croc, Cromie, Crompton, Crookshanks, Cross, Crothers, Crowne, Culbert, Culbertson, Cummings, Cunningham, Cuppage, Curry, Cust, Dalgleish, Daly, Darcy, Davenport, Davidson, Davies, Deans, Deering, Deery, Deighan, Dempsey, Dennison, Denny, Deputy, Dermott, Devenney, Devine, Devlin Diamond, Dick, Dickey, Dill, Dinning, Dinsmore, Divine, Dixon, Dobbin, Dodds, Doggett, Doherty, Donaghy, Donnell, Donnelly, Dooey, Dooley, Dougall, Dougan Douglas, Douthart, Dowling, Downes, Downey, Doyle, Drain, Duddy, Dudley, Duffy, Duggan, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunne, Dunseith, Dupal, Dykes, Dysart, Eagleson, Eason, Eaton, Echlin, Edgar, Edmondson, Edwards, Elder, Elliot, Ellis, Ellison, Ennis, Entrican, Erskine, Evans, Ewing, Falloon, Falls, Farr, Farren, Ferguson, Ferris, Finch, Finlay, Fisher, Fleming, Floyd, Forde, Forrest, Forrester, Forsythe, Forth, Foster, Foundling, Fowler, Franks, Freeman, Fry, Fulton, Gage, Gailey, Galbraith, Gallagher, Galy, Gamble, Gardiner, Garnivil, Garvin, Gault, Geddis, George, Getty, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gilfillan, Gilkinson, Gilleese, Gillen, Gillespie, Gilliland, Gillis, Gilmore, Given, Glass, Glassford, Glendinning, Glenn, Goggins, Gordon, Gormley, Gould, Graham, Gray, Green, Gregson, Grimes, Guiler, Gurney, Guthrie, Guy, Gwynn, Haire, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hanna, Hara, Harbinson, Harkin, Harper, Harriot, Harris, Harrison, Harron, Harte, Hartin, Harvey, Harwood, Haslett, Hassan, Hastie, Hastings, Hatrick, Havlin, Hawkins, Hawthorne, Hayden, Hazelton, Healy, Heaney, Heavern, Hegarty, Hemphill, Henderson, Henry, Herron, Heygate, Higgins, Hill, Hillas, Hillery, Hinchey, Hindley, Hodge, Hogg, Holland, Holloway, Holmes, Hood, Hopkins, Horner, Houston, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hoyt, Huey, Hughes, Hull, Hume, Hunter, Hurley, Hutchinson, Hylands, Hyndman, Hyndman, Hynds, Irons, Irwin, Ivers, Jack, Jackson, James, Jameson, Jebb, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnston, Jones, Kane, Kealey, Kee, Keith, Kelly, Kelso, Kennedy, Kenny, Kent, Keys, Kidd, Kilmurry, Kilpatrick, King, Kingan, Kinkead, Kirkwood, Kitchen, Knapper, Kneeland, Knight, Knobbs, Knox, Kyle, Lafferty, Laing, Lamachton, Lamont, Lane, Lattin, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Leake, Leary, Leckey, Lee, Leighton, Leitch, Lenaghan, Lennox, Leonard, Leslie, Lewis, Liddy, Ligget, Limerick, Lindsay, Linton, Litt, Little, Livingstone, Lloyd, Loan, Lockett, Lockhart, Lodge, Logue, Lomas, Long, Lorimer, Louden, Loughead, Loughridge, Love, Lowe, Lowerhouse, Lowry, Lurting, Lyle, Lynch, Lynchehaun, Lynn, Lyon, Madden, Maddigan, Madigan, Magee, Magilton, Mahon, Mailey, Major, Malcomn, Mann, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Maxwell, May, Mayham, McAfee, McAleese, McAllen, McAllister, McAnerlin, McAuley, McBeth, McBride, McCalfer, McCallion, McCann, McCarron, McCart, McCartney, McCaughan, McCaughey, McCaul, McCauley, McCleary, McClelland, McClenaghan, McClernon, McClintock, McCloskey, McClure, McClurg, McCollum, McComb, McCook, McCord, McCord, McCormick, McCoy, McCracken, McCrea, McCrone, McCrossan, McCullough, McCunn, McCurdy, McCurry, McCutcheon, McDaid, McDermott, McDonald, McDowell, McElwee, McFarland, McFaul, McFeeley, McFetridge, McGaghey, McGarrigle, McGarvey, McGeough, McGettigan, McGill, McGonagle, McGowan, McGranaghan, McGregor, McGrillen, McGrotty, McGuigan, McGuinness, McHinch, McHinch, McHugh, McIlhatton, McIlhone, McIlhoyle, McIlroy, McIlvenny, McIlwain, McIlwee, McInerlin, McInerney, McIntyre, McKay, McKeever, McKemey, McKenzie, McKeown, McKerell, McKernan, McKinlay, McKissack, McLaughlin, McLean, McLeod, McLernon, McLucas, McMahon, McMaken, McManus, McMarman, McMath, McMonagle, McNabb, McNair, McNamara, McNaughten, McNeice, McNeill, McNerlin, McNicholl, McNinch, McPhan, McPherson, McReady, McSanic, McSorley, McSparran, McVeigh, McVicker, McWilliams, Mearns, Meehan, Meekin, Meenagh, Meenan, Meikle, Mercer, Merritt, Michael, Miffington, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Millsop, Miskimmin, Missroon, Mitchell, Moffatt, Monteith, Montgomery, Moody, Mooney, Moore, Morrell, Morrison, Morrow, Mortimer, Mossom, Moull, Mountford, Mulholland, Mullan, Murdock, Murland, Murphy, Murray, Neely, Neill, Neilson, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nevinson, Newman, Newton, Nicholl, Niven, Nixon, Nolan, Noone, Norris, Nutt, Ogilby, Oliver, Olphert, Ormsby, Orr, Orrell, Osborne, Owens, Paine, Palmer, Park, Parkhill, Parr, Parramore, Parsley, Patchell, Patrick, Patt, Patterson, Patton, Patty, Paul, Paylor, Payne, Peacock, Pedan, Penman, Peoples, Perkins, Perry, Phillips, Picken, Pigot, Pink, Piper, Plain, Platt, Player, Plowright, Pollock, Porter, Poston, Pound, Power, Price, Priestly, Prince, Proctor, Purcell, Purdy, Pursley, Quigg, Quigley, Quinn, Ramage, Ramsey, Rankin, Rea, Redgate, Reid, Rentoul, Reynolds, Rice, Rickett, Riley, Ritchie, Robb, Robbie, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Ross, Roulston, Rowan, Rowley, Russell, Ruth, Rutherford, Rutter, Salt, Sandlilands, Scales, Scollick, Scott, Scullion, Seales, Sealy, Selfridge, Semple, Shannon, Sharkey, Sharp, Sherrard, Sherriff, Sherwood, Shields, Short, Simmons, Simpson, Sinclair, Singleton, Siniard, Skillen, Sloan, Slowey, Small, Smith, Snell, Snodgrass, Sofur, Somers, Spallon, Sparks, Speers, Sproule, Stack, Stackpoole, Stafford, Starritt, Steele, Steen, Steenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stitt, Strahan, Strawbridge, Streeve, Sullivan, Swan, Sweeney, Tacey, Tagg, Taggart, Tate, Taylor, Teadley, Teague, Tedlie, Templeton, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Thorpe, Till, Tipping, Tittle, Todd, Tomb, Tomlinson, Torrens, Tosh, Towers, Townsend, Trainor, Trimble, Tudor, Turbitt, Turner, Urey, Waite, Walcott, Walker, Walkingshaw, Wallace, Waller, Walsh, Ward, Warden, Warke, Warnock, Warwick, Watson, Watt, Watters, Watterson, Waugh, Weir, West, Westby, Weston, Whitaker, Whitbread, White, Whiteside, Wiley, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Winder, Winlock, Witherow, Woodburn, Woodruffe, Woods, Wright, Wyatt, Wylie, Yates, Young.


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