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    Bobby Forrest, B.A (Hons), Record Agent.
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We pride ourselves in providing a professional and client-centred service. You can be assured of a thorough search of the available records in P.R.O.N.I to determine the origins of your Ulster or Scots-Irish ancestors. We endeavour to provide the highest quality of results available.

Free Consultation
We provide a Free Assessment of the family information you already have. We will advise of the best way forward for your ancestral research. You will be under no obligation and there is no charge for this service. Send Bobby Forrest an Email with Your Detailed Request. We will appraise the information that you have provided and advise whether or not further research is feasible.

    P.R.O.N.I ARCHIVESLimvady Valuation Map 1858
P.R.O.N.I is the most important archival repository for Scots-Irish and Ulster genealogical research and local history. The PRONI website contains a number of useful databases with an excellent online catalogue.

Some examples of seventeenth and eighteenth century sources in the P.R.O.N.I archive include:

  • Church records
  • Gravestone Inscriptions
  • Summonister court rolls: The County Londonderry Summonister rolls 1600-1666 have been transcribed in Part Two of the Scots-Irish Origins series ‘The Plantation of Londonderry’ available for immediate download
  • Estate records: rentals, leases
  • Plantation Papers: London Company records
  • Land records: surveys, maps, land valuations
  • Family history papers (PRONI: D3000)
  • Newspapers:
  • Voters’ records: freeholders, registers of freemen, Corporation records
  • Military records: muster rolls, militia lists, yeomanry lists
  • Wills and administration bonds
  • Tenison Groves’ Manuscripts: Chancery Bills/Petitions, Exchequer Bills
  • Census substitutes: – Subsidy Rolls (1660s), Hearth Money rolls (1660s), Protestant householders’ survey (1740), Religious census (1766), Dissenters’ lists (1775), Flax Premium returns (1796).
P.R.O.N.I is the most important repository for church records in Ulster. Click Here and scroll down to find their guide to church records in Ulster. Should you require a search of a particular register/registers Send Bobby Forrest an Email with Your Detailed Request to inform us of your requirements.

There are a number of research packages you can choose depending on your needs and budget requirements.
Send Bobby Forrest an Email with Your Detailed Request

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